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Why Writers Need A Copyeditor

Welcome to my website! As a writer, you have spent countless hours on completing your manuscript, and now that you have rewritten and revised, gotten a developmental edit and rewrote and revised some more, you are ready for your work to go through a copyeditor. As a copyeditor, my main roles are checking texts for factual accuracy, grammatical correctness, narrative flow, clarity of thoughts, and structural coherence.


No matter what you are writing, my goals are to ensure consistency of style and of story elements, to enhance the clarity of the statements made, and to check for overall coherence of the manuscript. Do you feel like some passages just aren't coming across right? I can assist with rewriting them in your own voice. We will fill any plot holes, tie up loose ends, and get your point across to your readers as clearly as possible.


My work focuses on fiction, memoir, and self-help books as well as general nonfiction material. My goal is to help you bring your masterpiece to life and get your manuscript up to industry standards to submit to publishers. Beyond editing, I offer book evaluations and ghostwriting. 

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Meeet the Editor

My name is Jessica Lagos. My approach as your copyeditor is one of collaboration. I want to know the vision behind your manuscript and the goals you want to achieve with it. Are you telling a story with lots of suspense and adventure? Is there a lesson you're teaching through your story? Are you passing family lore along to the next generation? Are you writing to inform the audience about a cause close to your heart? Are you trying to land a book deal with a proposal chapter? Together we can perfect your text so you can confidently submit your manuscript to publishers. By the end of editing, I want you to feel like you have created your masterpiece!​​​​

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